Property Prep Guide

How to Prep for Our Session

Our Process

The Fundamentals

  • Turn All Lights On
  • Uncover Patio Furniture
  • Turn Off Ceiling Fans
  • Open All Blinds

Things to Remove

  • Cars from the Driveway
  • Toilet Cleaning Tools
  • Kleenex Boxes
  • Baby Related Items
  • All Pet Supplies (Beds, Bowls, Food, Etc...)
  • Items On Bathroom Counters
  • Items In Showers

Please Avoid

  • Loose Pets
  • Open Toilets Seats
  • Unmade Beds
  • Clutter

Moving Items

We pour our hearts into capturing the most beautiful photos for you, but tidying up isn't our specialty. If a room needs a small item moved to make the shot just right, count us in! But when it comes to rooms that are a bit too lived-in or cluttered, we don't have the capacity to handle the clean-up or wait for it to be done. We appreciate your understanding.

Should You Be Present?